Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Do you own a ewe?  If you own a ewe does your ewe love you?  Do you love your ewe?    I once had a ewe but you never met my ewe did you?  You see, my ewe never met you because my ewe was only on the farm for a short time.   
You might like to know that my ewe ate thyme all the time.   In fact, my ewe ate thyme at least eight times a day.  I had to sow thyme seeds so much that I had no time to sew the seams in my dress.  You see, it seems that my ewe loved to eat the seams of my dress every time I fed it thyme.  It ate the thyme and then it ate my dress at least eight times.  
I finally got tired of sewing seams and sowing thyme so, I have to tell you, I sold my ewe.  I sold the ewe to lessen my stress.  I have learned my lesson:  So it seems you should not own a ewe if you don’t want to spend all your time sowing thyme and sewing seams.  
The End