Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are Ewe Kidding Me! (part two)

Author’s note:  These little “snippets” are for my nieces and nephews who are learning about homonyms.  
My Aunt Ann had two ewes.  Do you have two ewes too?  As I’ve told you, I had a ewe that liked to eat thyme all the time.  Well, my aunt’s ewes ate ants!  You know what I say about ewes that eat ants - “Ew!”
Anyway, my Aunt Ann’s ewes ate a whole lot more than eight ants.  In fact, my Aunt Ann said to my Uncle Hugh, “Hugh, we can use these ewes to eat all the ants in our yard.”
Well, the ewes ate so many ants that they made at least eight holes in the yard. In fact, there were a whole lot more than eight holes in their yard!  
My Aunt Ann kept falling in the holes (and so did my Uncle Hugh) so, the ewes were put up for sale.  My uncle Hugh sold the ewes to a bald man with an ant problem.  My aunt bawled because she didn’t want the bald man with the ant problem to buy the ewes.  
Aunt Ann really didn’t want to say goodbye to her two ewes that ate ants, so she said to Uncle Hugh, “You be the seller!”  
Then, Aunt Ann went inside and bawled in her cellar.  
As the bald man handed Uncle Hugh a few more cents, Uncle Hugh yelled to my bawling Aunt Ann, “Selling the ewes makes perfect sense.” 
So, my bawling aunt’s ewes, that ate more than eight ants, went to live with the bald man that had the ant problem.  
However, my dear Uncle Hugh loved Aunt Ann so much that he asked her, “Ann, would you like an ox or perhaps an anteater?”  
Instead, my dear Uncle Hugh bought Aunt Ann a deer.  Then, Aunt Ann was happy for about four days until they had to sell the deer because it was eating the yew tree - but that is another story!