Thursday, February 16, 2012

Egg Light

Blank paper begging for words.  Blank mind wanting to find the words hiding behind all the clutter words; bills, worry, family.  Jumping words that bounce through the brian...bounce...bounce...bounce.  Bounce-a-ball, paddle ball, beach ball, volley ballllllllll......there they go....bouncing away.  What’s behind the balls?  The egg light waiting to be hatched?  Where are the words that tell the story?  I don’t know.  They’ve evaded me.  They’ve run from me.  The worry balls keep pounding the words away like a game of dodge ball; they see a word coming across the empty brain and, in the blink of an eye, they pummel the word into dust before it even has a chance to reach my conscience.  
So, here I sit at my keyboard waiting for the words to make it through the dodgeball mine.  The fingers type, but, the story stays stuck in my brain like a piece of toast in the toaster that just won't budge.  You see it.  You want to grasp it and, yet, it is just out of reach.  The knife tries to snare it and coax it out; still it doesn’t budge.  It crumbles into tidbits...word tidbits.  They scatter like meaningless brain crumbs that have no...there they go.  They’ve been swept away by the word broom.  
The words are being swept up and discarded before I can put them into something meaningful and stories tonight.  Too bad.  I wish I could find the words and pluck them out of the garbage heap.  I wish I could put them together...but not tonight.  Not right now.  Maybe later.  Maybe I cannot stop writing forever...that would be death.  I’ll draw instead.  
I know the story is here...somewhere waiting for me to birth it...waiting for me to hatch the “egg light”.