Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

I don’t know where the phrase “pearls of wisdom” came from, but I understand now how God sends us pearls of wisdom everyday, if we know where to look for them.  For instance, this photograph that I took of a dew-laden spider web is certainly etched with pearls of wisdom from God Himself.  Who else could be the master creator of such fine, magnificent beauty?  When I think of the spider that wove this intricate masterpiece, I have to marvel at the Creator’s handiwork.  This tiny spider spent its entire night crafting this work of art so that we, if we choose to search for it, will have the privilege of marveling at his effort.  If we’re lucky enough to freeze frame this forever, we are truly blessed to be able to behold this beauty time and time again.  
So, what are the pearls of wisdom strung through this delicate fiber?  So many...so many pearls.  Really, each pearl possesses the ability to make one think and ponder about life.  
To me they represent the beauty of nature; they tell me to respect nature - even spiders.  This strand tells me that mirror images can be fascinating as I look into the water marbles and see my own reflection in a different light.  I see God’s promise of renewal in knowing that this spider will craft this web every evening for as long as it lives.  I see captivity...captive water and soon to be captive prey.   I see spider-sturdy branches that hold its web suspended despite the heavy dew load.  It reminds me that some things that appear to be fragile really aren’t.  The stark contrast of the black and white still frame reminds me that, even in life’s shadows, one can behold beauty.  
How long did the spider labor to build this wonder?  What if a clumsy person, haphazard animal or strong wind come along and destroy its creation?  Will the spider cry?  Will it wallow in the tragedy?  Will it give up hope?  Will it die?  I wonder about these things.  Are these emotions strictly human emotions or do spiders worry that their webs will succumb to calamity?  
Why did God choose something so small and seemingly insignificant as a spider to create something so intricate, strong and beautiful?  Is He trying to make us look at the parallel universe in which we exist?  Is it not the weakest among us that often cause us to see their true strength?  The premature infant struggling against all odds to survive, the double amputee war veteran who runs a marathon on born again legs, the autistic child who produces extraordinary music...they are the ones that evoke deep myriad emotions in us.  They’re the ones who God places in our midst to keep us humble; like the tiny, seemingly trivial spider.  
I wish I could take the dew pearl necklace and hang it around my neck, but that would destroy its purpose and all its pearls would be lost.  No; better to leave it here and capture it’s beauty through my lens.  Perhaps others will come and behold the pearls and glean God’s infinite wisdom.  I know I will walk away from this moment carrying a pearl of gratitude in my heart...thank you God!  Thank you for my legs that brought me here, my eyes that spotted this beauty, my mind that pondered it, my camera that captured it and my heart that opened to its marvelous mystery.  I am so blessed!