Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keeping up with the Hendersons

I think our family should have a reality show.  I’d title it: Hey Kardashians - keep up with us!  I’ve never watched the show, but I bet they never drove a burning truck down the interstate (oblivious to the fact that it was burning).  I bet they never got chased by a herd of cattle, milked a goat or drove a car without its key.  
I wonder if Kim Kardashian ever had to feed thirteen children.  I wonder if she ever had to deal with thirteen children with lice!  I don’t think that Kim has ever stood at the bedside of a child going through reconstructive surgery.  I wonder how she would handle sleeping in a hospital chair for days on end. 
Have the Kardashians ever taken a family vacation in the middle of winter in a truck with a broken back window?  
Honestly, our family is much more “real” than a group of models!  How many people can relate to the Kardashians and their fancy lifestyle?  Let’s face it, there are very few people out there who would star in a sex tape or pose nude for PETA, but I bet most people can relate to overflowing toilets and weekend garage sales to help pay the bills.  
I get it, though.  People watch the Kardashians to escape their own humdrum lives.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for writing about my family - although I wouldn’t trade places with the Kardashians; Not even for 40 million.  
Okay, I lied.  I would trade places as long as I could bring my family along and the Kardashians would have to live my lifestyle.  Could you see Kim Kardashian feeding the chickens or sifting worms?  How about Kim riding the three wheel trike down to the CVS and the Dollar General or mowing the pasture on the tractor?  I would love to see her trudge through the hundred acre field with Paola looking for clues in cow pies.  Now that would be worth watching!  
Over the past six months we’ve had a fire in our house and in our truck.  We’ve lost our investment home in Tennessee because of deadbeat tenants.  I’ve been on medical leave from my job for two years so, we have had to drop our health insurance because we just cannot afford it.  The people that were boarding their horses on our farm stopped paying us.  We learned that Paola cannot get a Social Security number until we apply for citizenship for her which is going to cost us $600.00.  It seems we’ve had one tragedy after another, but I still wouldn’t trade my life for the Kardashians.  
You see, unlike the Kardashians, we live in the real world.  We have real problems that most people can relate to, but we also have real family and friends and faith that gets us through those problems.  So, although we do not have a 40 million dollar contract for another season, I pray that God will bless us with many more seasons.  Most importantly, I thank God that we have each other because that is priceless!