Monday, January 2, 2012

Wings to Fly

I’ve been trying to write something profound for the new year, but nothing is coming to me.  I’ve done all the usual prewriting exercises like meditation, writing whatever comes to mind without stopping, drawing with my non-dominant hand and playing with clay to get my brain firing on all cylinders - nothing.  My brain is numb.  Or, maybe it is hibernating for the winter, or perhaps it is incubating something wonderful and magical that will hatch when I least expect it.  I just don’t know.   This is one drawing that I keep coming back to:

When I look at this drawing, I see a bird with its wings folded.  I believe that this bird is waiting for the opportunity to spread its wings and fly.  I am anxious for this to happen, but I know that it will only happen if I am patient and observant.  The moment will come and I will give this bird its wings to fly.  But, for now, I’ll rest my wings and wait.