Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallelujah Acres

“To Dream the Impossible Dream” is my theme song.  I have a big audacious dream that has been a part of shaping my entire life - even when I didn’t realize it. What I thought were roadblocks or detours in my life’s map were not that at all.  They were God’s way of leading me to the place where my dream is within reach and, yet, I hesitate to step out of the dream catcher and into the dream light.  
The dream catcher snares the dream and incubates it.  Then, finally, in the dream light, there is joy.   Sometimes I wonder which will I choose: the catcher or the light?  There are people waiting for my dream to birth itself.  Now, the labor pains are seconds apart, and yet, I hesitate.  I’m leaving the safety of the catcher’s net and moving into the joy of the light - almost there.  I can almost touch it, taste it, believe it, give birth to it...and yet I hesitate.  
My dream started when I was eight and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit telling me that I was destined to do something great.  I didn’t know what or how or when or why, I just knew.  I spent my whole life asking God, “What is it? What do I have to do?”  
Then, one day God answered.  “It is in the living that you are doing.  You are living the destiny I have planned for you.  Everyday is my gift to you and you must let people see Me through you.”  
Suddenly, I knew in my heart that God’s plan for my life doesn’t diminish my dream, it adds to it.  There are seasons in our lives when we must rest and then there are seasons in which we must act.  I know in my heart that it is time for me to harvest my dream.  
In the story of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, he went to the island of misfit toys where he found refuge among the throwaway toys that no one wanted.  My dream is to take the throwaway misfits in our society and give them a place of their own.
I have a dream to provide a safe refuge where they will be loved and accepted and nourished; a place where they will flourish and grow and be.  Where they can just be.  Where no one says that they have to be anyone or anything that they are not.  Just as you are...come just as you are for this is where comfort and joy live. 
I have a dream that one day the broken misfits can come join with this broken misfit and together we will color our world with happiness.  We will color it smiling green, happy brown, splendid pink and rejoicing yellow.  Together, we will make the joy grow until is overflows into the world and people will see with new eyes.  They won’t pity the broken misfits.  (Frankly, aren’t we all broken misfits?) No, they will see productive citizens who cherish their work and produce lovely joy.
You see, joy comes in all flavors and is possible in all circumstances because it comes from within.  I know these misfits and I love their pure joy.  I want them to come and help me fulfill my dream.  I want them to come to the farm and grow with me.  I want them to come to the safety of a place where acceptance reigns.
The outside world sees misfits.  I see fits.  They fit here.  They will make my world complete.  I need them as much as they need me.  So, I will build my dream; my farm;  my “Hallelujah Acres” where God’s ways are my ways.  I have asked God to take over the reigns and guide me out of the dream catcher and into the dream light.   At Hallelujah Acres, hallelujah will be our motto because we will find joy in praising Him through our work.  
The world will come to know the contagious joy that will flourish at Hallelujah Acres.   We will amaze you because God will be showing up here every day!  
I have a dream.  I have a prayer.  I pray that, if it is God’s will, he will reach down his mighty hand and take over my simple dream and grow it into an audacious, outrageous dream that glorifies His work.  Even the misfits are His work.  I believe they are His best work and I believe He wants to use me to show the world how beautiful they are.  This is Hallelujah Acres where everyday is a hallelujah day!