Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playground Hell

She stands in the barrenness of alone thoughts wondering what it would be like to run and jump and play with friends.  Her white knee-high socks are shining beacons calling out to the playground bullies; broadcasting the stupidness of her wardrobe.  
She hides in the shadows of the protective bricks where loneliness is her friend and tears mix with the nose snot dripping over her sad quivering lips; quivering from the awfulness deep inside.  The tearing tears blood-shoot her eyes until they are red and seeping.  Tearing her heart; her soul; her being into shreds that she leaves on the playground everyday until there is nothing left of her: Nothing but an empty shell singing the mournful song from the depths of her ocean soul.  
Friends are for the lovely green-socked girls whose perfect dresses are perfectly creased by laughing mothers who sing hopeful songs and leave lipstick marks on foreheads. Her wrinkled dress matches her wrinkled life where there is no laughing mother, hopeful songs or lipstick foreheads.  
She melts into the wall of sorrow hoping that soon the ring of the bell will rescue her from her playground hell.  For a moment she loses herself in the imagined bear hug bosom of a laughing mother.  
Suddenly, her daydream is interrupted by a wary eye peeking into her private thoughts.  RED ALERT!  Her body screams knowing all too well the coming blows.  She waits...and then the boy with the curly popcorn hair dares to invade her shadowed world.  
“What do you want?” She spits at the popcorn head.  
“I jjjjust wwwwwanted.....”  The boy squeaks; his downcast eyes concealing his fear. “I...I....I... dddddid..n...t kkkknow.” 
“What is wrong with you!”  She screeches at the timid, stammering idiot.  
He looks away hoping she won’t smell his fear; hoping she won’t drop kick him from the protective shadows.  He doesn’t leave.  She wonders if he is dumber than he looks.  
At least he didn’t beat me up. She thinks as she eyes him suspiciously.  
His crooked smile almost catches her off guard.  
Her brain screams, run away! 
Still, she stays and contemplates this peculiar kid.  The bell rings.  
“See you tomorrow?” She asks.  
“Ssssure.” He replies as they slowly emerge from their hiding place.